Comfort seat one piece, Fresh Touch, for Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer

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Honda's Crosstourer is really an ideal motorbike, with a large tank, low-reaction shaft drive and many other extras that make it a joy to ride over long distances.

But bright lights cast dark shadows and many owners complain about the slippery, too soft and rapidly uncomfortable seat that simply doesn't do justice to this outstanding tourer.
High time for some optimization! Our seats were not created on the drawing board - the necessary improvements were worked out from experience over many kilometres. There are reasons why we produce the high strength plastic base pans and hard-wearing foam cores ourselves: like our customers, we also want to enjoy long journeys!

The high quality, multi-layer seat cover is equipped with a durable Fresh Touch surface coating. It reduces the surface temperature by significantly reflecting infrared light radiation and providing a cooler feeling when mounting a motorcycle parked in the sun.

An additional, exclusive gain in comfort for your riding pleasure!

This high quality seat is supplied complete and ready-to-fit - there is no delay waiting for reupholstery work. It does not require any modifications to your motorbike and simply replaces the original seat, which you can keep.

- Anatomically shaped based on extensive test riding in Germany
- Our proprietary high-strength foam provides superior cushioning to prevent pressure sores
- Even weight distribution plus optimised contact with the bike equals perfect control
- Bi-elastic, sweat-resistant covering material with sealed seams
- Hollowed recess in the middle of the seat relieves coccyx pressure
- Specially contoured pillion seat prevents slippage when braking and accelerating
- Available in different heights
- Seams are optimally positioned to avoid creating pressure points on the seat
- Suitable for long-distance touring
- Top quality materials manufactured to the highest standards
- Made in Germany
- Standard seat height adjustment is retained
- You can either use the rubber stops that are fitted to the underside of the original seat, or you can order an extra set from your dealer
- Up to 10 °C difference with the original seat fabric thanks to the surface coating "Fresh Touch"

Height: 47 cm / 50 cm / 52 cm
Original height Honda Crosstourer: 50 cm

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