Handlebar mount for Garmin ZUMO 590 /595 LM *lockable* Natural anodised aluminium

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Delivery time: 3-5 days

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The Touratech handlebar mount for the Zumo 590 / 595 LM is like a hand that closes securely around the Zumo to hold and protect it. Our developers deployed their ingenuity and advanced technical expertise to design this lockable handlebar mount that locks and unlocks quickly and with ease. The Zumo 590 / 595 LM cradle with power supply is integrated into this Touratech motorbike mount. First of all, insert the Garmin Zumo into the bracket and it connects to the built-in Garmin power supply. Then push the spring-mounted locking wings together and feel them click securely into place. Now you can lock the bracket via the integrated cylinder lock. The mount has been designed to allow the system to be switched on and off while the mount is locked. This handlebar mount can be ordered keyed alike with your existing Touratech accessories.

Like all Touratech handlebar mounts, we make this high-quality Zumo 590 / 595 LM mount in Germany at our factory in the Black Forest.

Garmin Zumo 590 LM handlebar mount features:
- This Touratech handlebar mount has been developed specially for Garmin Zumo 590 / 595 LM devices.
- The motorbike cradle with power supply, which comes with the Zumo, is integrated into the mount.
- Laser-cut and CNC-shaped aluminium and stainless steel components for stability and precision.
- Holds and fixes the Garmin Zumo 590 / 595 LM in position while protecting the power supply pins.
- The handlebar mount stabilises and secures the Garmin Zumo even in the roughest riding situations.
- Touratech's tried-and-tested vibration damping protects the Garmin Zumo.
- Uses the unique new spring-mounted Touratech locking wings.
- Prevents the original Garmin motorbike cradle being opened accidentally or without your permission.
- It's quick and easy to insert the Garmin Zumo 590 / 595 LM into the mount and remove it again.
- The Touratech Garmin Zumo 590 LM handlebar mount is lockable.
- Clamp for 12 mm crossbars included.
- The handlebar mount can be used with our Touratech mounting adapters (available separately).
- Can be combined with the RAM ball mount system supplied with the Zumo.

Information about the illustrations
The GPS Garmin Zumo 590 and the Garmin motorbike cradle shown in the illustrations are not supplied with the Touratech mount.

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